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'SEV' Instrumental Transformer Test Set -ups introduced to carry out the accuracy Test of instrument Transformers & Potential Transformers as per relevant I.S./B.S. specification & other international specifications.

Principle :
The C.T./P.T. Test Bridges consists of magnetic balance circuit,which is susceptible to the minutest magnetic unbalance. The method is a comparison method,which compares "under test Transformer" with "standard/refrence transformer".Due to error in transformer the "magnetic unbalance" is set up and same is corrected by "angle errors"& "ratio errors". tha calibrated dials"indicated corrective injection" & thus direct indication of "phase angle error" & "ratio error is obtained".
Features : 1)
The current/Voltage at which test is carried out is indicated on DigitalMeters as
"percentage for C.T. Test Bridge.". OR Volts (Secondary) For P.T. Test Bridge.
Calibrated dials have selection as + Zone or- Zone so as to have maximum scale length utilisation.
Sensitivity control for Null Detector
Polarity Detection of "Transformer under Test" by 'LED' With 'polarity' position on "multiplier switch".
Specification & Ranges
C.T.Test Bridge:   P.T. Test Bridge:
a) i)

Suitable for 5 Amps Secondary OR

a) Suitable for 110 Volts Secondary
  ii) Suitable for 5 Amps & 1 Amps Secondary    
b)   Digital Ammeter :0 to 199.9% Primery Current b)

Digital Voltmeter: 0 to 199.9 volts OR 0 to 750 Volts

Ratior Error Multiplier Phase Displacement Error.
0 To + 0.5%
(with Resolution of 0.01%)
x1 o To + 25 minutes
(with Resolution of 0.5 minutes)

0 TO +2.5%
(with Resolution of 0.05%)

X5 0 To + 125 minutes
(with Resolution of 2.5 minutes)

o To + 10%
(with Resolution of 0.02%)

x20 o To + 500 minutes
(with Resolution of 10 minutes)
Enclosure : In a fiberglass casing with detachable lid,lifting Handle etc.
Approx.Dimensions (mms) :
Approx.Weight(Kg.) :
12 Kg.        
Similar equipments of "OTHER MAKE" undertaken for repairs/ modification/ calibration/servicing.

The design and specification are subject to change and improvement and are
not binding.

Designed by : SME