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" SEV meter test benches are designed & fabricated to meet the requrement of testing of Electrical Energy meters for accuracy test. The units are suitable for testing more number of energy Meters at a time.These units are useful for electric supply organisation or electricity boards.These units mainly comrise of.

Voltage Path Block
To feed the Voltage Path of energy Meter Under Test.
Current Path Block
To feed the Current Path of energy meters under test.
Phase Shifting Block

To generate desired phase shift between 'Voltage Path' & 'Current Path' so as to test energy meters at different power factor.

The units are provided with
Indicating Instrumental like Voltmeters, Ammeters.
Measuring Insruments like Precision Wattmeters.
These instrument are either Analogous type or Digital type as per the requirement of client.
Many positive features are incorporated in the units like
Use of contractors
Vector locking devices for Current Path Block

Precision Current Transformers for feeding the ROTORY SUBSTANDARD (R.S.S.) Meters.

One type of R.S.S. say KWH can be utilised for RKVAH Meter calibration.
Use of Digital millimeters for starting Current Test
Creep Test facility with isolation of Current Path at 'creep test' position.

Balancing Test by appropriate selector switches in current Path.

Meter suspension Racks duly provided with necessary Current Path terminals & Voltage path sockets for number of energy meters 'Test' at a time. The mounting platform of energy meter under test are adjustable to suit the height of Meter Tester.

The design and specifications are subject to change and improvement and are not binding.

Designed by : SME