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(I) "SEV" Phase Shifting Devices: "SEV" make Phase Shifting Devices are 1:1 Ratio Static Type units which enables to create the phase shift between input & Output Vectors from 0 to 360 degrees, maintaning the "Output Voltage" same as "input voltage"
Operation Voltage
415 V 3 ph. 4 wire 50 Hz.
1 to 1 for input Output
Phase Shif
0 to 360 degrees between input & Output Terminals as follows.
(a) Coarse Control : 60 degrees per step be help of 6 position switch.
(b) Fine contol :

0 to+ 30 degrees by variable inductive auto Transformers;
over every step of 60 degrees of "Coarse Control".


Linear scaled Meter scaled as 0-30 degrees to indicate "Fine Control" variation.

Necessary switches on INPUT & OUTPUT,pilot lamps,fuses etc.

The unit is fabricated on angle iron frame work with fibre glass panel & housed in wooden casing having detachable lid, lifting handles etc. for ease of transportability.

100VA OR 300 VA OR 600 VA OR 1200 VA 3Ph.as per requirement.
Units with "Fine Control" of 2 degrees per step are also available for specific applications.

For Laboratory use units fabricated on 19" Rack systems, are also supplied.

(II) SEV Phase Angle Meter : "SEV" make Phase angle meter is designed & fabricated to meet the requirement measurement of Phase angle between the two "A.C. Voltage"& "A.C. current Vectors"
The Phase displacement is indicated on a Digital Meter having LED display.
The Phase displacement is indicated with respect to voltage signal fed to "REF" terminals. The Display is also provided with + OR - sign indication to ascertain the phase displacement of 'x' signal fed to at 'x'Terminals. These signals have isolation by incorporation of nacessary potential and current taransformers.
The technical specification of meter is as under:
Display :
0 to + 180 degreeswith resolution of 1 degree.
Voltage Range :
110/220/440/Volts A.C. Selective by current range selector.
Current Range :
1/5/10 Amps A.C.selective by current range selector.
Frequency Range :
40Hz to 60 Hz.
Function Mode :
V/V-For 'Voltage Signal'.
V/I For 'Voltage Signal' & 'Current Signals'
Mode is selectable by 'Function Switch'
Aux Supply :

240V 50 Hz 1 ph. A.C. for Digital display indication & other control circuit of unit.

Termination :

'REF' & 'X' signals inputs on colour coded insulated terminals duly nomenclated.

Enclosure :
In ABS moulded casing of Table mounting type & provided with carrying handle.
Dimensions (approx)
L      X    B      X    H
225  X   205    X   110
Weight (approx) :
The design and specifications are subject to change and improvement are not binding.
Designed by : SME